The Belleville Story

From PTA to Brewery

Like many breweries before us, Belleville Brewing Co. was born at a beer festival. The only difference was that this one was a PTA fundraiser at my son's school.

Having bonded over a love of hops, myself and a bunch of other Dads hatched a plan to set up a brewery, and in early 2013, Belleville Brewing Co. (named after the school) was born in Wandsworth Common.

Locally Rooted, American Inspired

Although firmly rooted in the local community, we take our inspiration from the US brewing scene. This is driven by my experience of drinking craft beer in America during the 1990s and 2000s when, as a movie soundtrack producer, I spent long stints in Los Angeles, New York & Boston.
Having grown up drinking traditional British real ales, I had my mind well and truly blown by beers like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Stone IPA, Pete's Wicked Ale, Sweetwater 420 and Brooklyn Lager. Fresh and bursting with big flavours, many of the beers that we brew at Belleville are unashamedly influenced and inspired by these and other American classics. They ignited my passion for craft beer, inspired me to start homebrewing and set me on a course to opening my own brewery.

Creativity & Innovation 

Creativity, boldness and a love of big flavours are all hallmarks of American brewing heritage, and they form the core values that drive us here at Belleville.
In addition to our core range, we brew a rotating range of seasonal and limited editions beers that put imagination and experimentation front and centre.
I look forward to sharing these beers with you.
Adrian Thomas
Founder, Belleville Brewing Co.